Russia promised growth of new industry

The Russian economy will get a new point of growth – and it will be in traditional production. There is growth potential in the snack market. 

The global market of ready-made foods and breakfasts is already over $1.2 tln. The Russian snack market is worth around $40 bln but it is growing annually. Its monetary increase as of the end of last year exceeded 7%, reported Alexander Rodionov, CEO of Mondelēz Russia (part of Mondelēz International), at a news conference.

Changing consumer preferences of Russian customers are expected to serve as the main drivers of the predicted growth. Among other, Russians are following global trends. Even today, they are increasingly consuming more snacks, shifting from traditional meals to snacks throughout the day.

According to a survey by Mondelēz International, 63% of Russian respondents can’t imagine their lives without snacking. As concerns global statistics, six out of ten people already prefer eating small portions throughout the day. Moreover, about one-third of the survey takers are willing to give up social media for a whole month as long as they can eat snacks.

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