Russia started testing vaccine against coronavirus


Russia is one of the few countries that has started its own production of effective drugs for the treatment of the novel coronavirus infection, Vladimir Putin said in his address to the nation on Tuesday. “Right now, 14 Russian federal scientific centers are working on a vaccine against the coronavirus. Clinical tests of the first samples have already begun.”

“In extreme conditions, the country’s energy system, utilities, transport and communications continued to work steadily and reliably, and the retail industry provided people with essential goods. In a short time, university professors and teachers temporarily transitioned to remote learning. The academic year was not interrupted in schools, universities or colleges,” he noted. “In mid-March, hospitals around the country had about 40K specialized beds to help patients with the coronavirus infection; by the beginning of June, we already had over 180K. Today Russia is carrying out more tests per 1,000 patients than the world’s other major countries. The total number of tests exceeds 17 mio.”

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