Sparkling wine under $3 included in Russian Wine Guide

Russian Wine Guide, a joint project implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and the Roskachestvo autonomous noncommercial organization, has been replenished and now lists some 800 alcoholic drinks.

A commission that included renowned sommeliers from Russia, Austria and the UK has conducted a comprehensive study to review wines and assign scores on a 100-point rating system, making the emphasis on organoleptic parameters.

Members of the commission tasted Russian-produced wines that cost under RUR 1,000 ($14.5) a bottle. No wine was given the highest score of 100, which was predictable as no perfect wine exists, according to sommeliers.  

Wines that were scored over 80 can be considered outstanding; those were plentiful. International experts emphasized that inexpensive wines produced from Russian-grown grapes include some superior sorts that boast a rich and full taste and a clean flavor. Wines scored under 70 are not counterfeit but their taste and flavor leave much to be desired, Roskachestvo experts said. 

Sommeliers’ recommendations for this summer include the Abrau-Durso sparkling rose (brut, 84.9), and Fanagoria’s Cru Lermont Chardonnay (dry white wine, 86.9). Surprisingly, the top five sparkling wines include Kuban-Vino’s Chateau Taman that costs only RUR 199 ($2.9), which sommeliers described as having a pleasant, rich and balanced taste and a fresh flavor as well as a fine sparkling quality.

Experts recommend that customers compare prices for their favorite wines at various supermarket chains as they can vary greatly. According to the Russian Wine Guide, during the lockdown the average price for a bottle of sparkling wine at the Auchan supermarket chain increased by 38%, while it fell by 8% at the Lenta convenience store chain.     

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