Russia will not tax housewives

United Russia party did not support its representative’s initiative to introduce a tax for housewives. The idea was earlier proposed by lower house member Sergei Vostretsov.

Sergei Vostretsov said housewives were self-employed and should therefore pay taxes. This means that currently, 20 mio people in Russia are evading taxes, the parliamentarian calculated. If they behaved honestly, they could bring additional trillions of rubles to the state budget, he said.

However, United Russia party immediately disclaimed Vostretsov’s statement. According to Andrei Isayev, deputy head of the United Russia group in the State Duma, Vostretsov was expressing his personal position. He had not discussed the proposal with other party members, Isayev assured quoted by RIA Novosti. The lawmaker added that the ruling party was cautious about ​​introducing new taxes, because it is a sensitive issue.

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