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Russia will raise administrative fines five-fold

Administrative fines will increase five times according to the government’s new version of the Code of Administrative Offenses. The new regulations include higher fines for breach of public order, especially when prosecuted under articles on disobedience to the authorities.

Fines for petty hooliganism (common cases of disorderly conduct) will increase from RUR 500–1000 ($8-15) to RUR 3K–5K ($50-80). But disobedience to the authorities may cost up to RUR10K ($155), according to Vedomosti. The officials also proposed classifying public urination as disorderly conduct. Walking dangerous types of dogs on a leash but without a muzzle will also be punishable by a RUR 3K–5K fine.

The fine for public intoxication will not change from the current RUR500 to RUR1,500 ($8-23). However, this article will be expanded: the interpretation of being drunk “in public” will be extended to include not only outside spaces but also entrance halls, elevators and attics of their apartment buildings. Verbal abuse will entail a fine of RUR5K.

Overall, the number of articles in the new version of the CAO will grow from 16 to 35.

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