Vegetable sales fall in Russia

Credit: Vladimir Astapkovich | RIAN

Since 2014, vegetable prices in Russia have grown by 22%, according to the market research company GfK. This has resulted in residents choosing to buy cheaper foods such as grains.

Over this year, vegetable sales in the country have reduced by 2.8%, while sales of grains have increased, Kommersant business daily reported. Between last year’s July and this June, vegetable and potato consumption went down by 4.8%.

The vegetables whose consumption has reduced the most include tomatoes, cabbage, sweet peppers, and onions. Expert link this to higher prices for fresh vegetables, with the average price for tomatoes reaching RUR 100 ($1.6) per kg this summer and cucumber prices of RUR 91. This has led to Russians buying more grains, whose average price is about RUR 50 per package. Meanwhile, a number of convenience stores said they have not yet observed a fall in vegetable consumption.

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