Russian society becomes more civilized – President


“We have been going through severe trials and we have withstood them, because we have not stepped aside from enduring moral standards, such as compassion, mutual assistance and mercy,” Vladimir Putin said when taking part in a videoconference with social workers of state institutions and NGOs, presidential web page reports.

“No breakthrough technologies can replace humans in a sphere like social protection,” he noted. “Social workers, volunteers and ordinary people in our cities and villages took people with disabilities, elderly people and orphans into their homes during the epidemic. There is also a bonus for those who acted with such kindness: a minimum wage of RUR 12,130 ($175) for the period from April 1 to June 30, 2020.”

In his view, “donations by businesses to NGOs and religious associations worth up to 1% of their proceeds may be classified as extraordinary expenses. Therefore, donations will not be included when calculating taxes payable by entrepreneurs to the state.”

In general, he said, Russia’s “society becomes kinder and gentler where necessary; it becomes more compassionate. It becomes more civilized, which means more effective, capable, with more development prospects.”

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