Russian transport aircraft to win over its strongest global competitors

On March 30, the prototype of the high-wing light military transport aircraft Ilyushin Il-112V, manufactured by Voronezh Aircraft Production Association for the Russian Defense Ministry, performed its maiden flight at Voronezh Aircraft Production Association’s airfield. During the 45-minute flight, which took place under normal conditions, it was accompanied by an Il-114LL flying lab.

The aircraft was designed by the best developers and aviation plants in Voronezh and Ulyanovsk. It was built with the use of solely Russian-made components as well as most advanced technologies. During the flight, all aircraft systems were tested and a conclusion was made on its preparedness for further flight trials.

Il-112V is a light military transport aircraft for both cargo transportation and air landing. Designed as a unique platform that can be used for a wide range of civil and military purposes, Il-112V is equipped with a newest version of highly reliable turboprop engines. The aircraft’s main advantage is its ability to operate off of unprepared and gravel runways.

Following the flight test, Yuri Slyusar, President of United Aircraft Corporation, announced manufacturing of two more aircraft, with immediate plans of producing 12 planes. Being twice as efficient as An-26 transport aircraft, Il-112V could eventually replace it and act as a competitor to the world’s best transport aircraft of a similar type.

According to Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, over 100 aircraft should in the near future be supplied to the Russian military.

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