Russians complain about low wages

The majority of Russians (86%) are not satisfied with their wages and only 4% of the population find their income decent. Also, even after a raise 14% of respondents would not agree to work more hours.

According to a survey, 76% Russians would work more for a bigger salary, RBC reports. The average monthly pay in Russia in Q2 2019 was just over RUR 48K ($733). Russians believe a fair wage should be RUR 66K ($1,009). Muscovites have the highest demands and want to make RUR 100K ($1,528) per month. St. Petersburg and Vladivostok residents would be content with a more modest income of RUR 77K ($1,177).

The Federal Statistics Service claims that off-the-books employment in Russia is on the rise and as of Q2 some 21.3% of all employed people in the country worked under the table.

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