Russians sabotage child support payments

Credit: Vladimir Trefilov | RIAN

Russians’ total child support arrears exceed RUR 150 bln ($2.4 bln), according to the Federal Bailiff Service.

Although the number of people who evade paying child support decreased in Russia last year, the amount of their debt grew by 13% setting a new record, Izvestia writes. Over the past seven years, Russians’ child support arrears have grown eight times.

As of December 2019, the Federal Bailiff Service was dealing with 806K alimony recovery cases, down from 825K the year before. The average amount of debt was RUR 189K ($3K) last year.

Officials refuse to comment on the reasons for the increase in child support arrears. Experts say part of the debtors fails to pay up not because they have no money, but because they want to spite their ex-wives.

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