Russians start buying push-button mobiles again

In the first half of 2021, Russia saw a sudden increase in sales of old-fashioned cellphones, with buttons instead of a touchpad. Retailers are reporting an increase in consumer demand for such equipment.

The popularity of these products has been steadily falling in recent years. However, the pandemic has pushed the demand up again as cheap devices became popular with teleworkers, Kommersant business daily writes.

According to Svyaznoy retailer, 3.1 million push-button phones worth RUR 4.5 bln ($61 mio) were sold in Russia in the first six months of 2021, up 6.7% from January-June 2020. The average cost of a push-button cellphone grew by 11% to RUR 1,450 ($19.65).

The M.Video-Eldorado chain noted an increase in the number of such phones sold, by 26% in the second quarter. also recorded a growing demand for old-fashioned phones in the first half of 2021. M.Video-Eldorado believes people use push-button mobiles in addition to smartphones they also own, or buy them for children and older relatives.

Invest Foresight earlier wrote about a project to make superpolymer smartphones that will be charged with body heat.

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