Russians want radical changes in the country

More than half of Russians want radical changes in the country, according to a joint survey by the Carnegie Moscow Center and Levada Center.

The number of Russians supporting radical changes has increased from 42% to 59% over the past two years. Another 31% would like to see some insignificant changes and only 8% believe that no changes are necessary. The experts note that there is a general discontent growing in society but very serious reasons would be required for it to break through.

By changes Russians primarily understand socioeconomic developments. In particular, they demand lowering food prices and reducing the level of corruption. The analysts suggest that the desire for changes was amplified by the pension reform that the public sees as unfair. The reform is supposed to be carried out for regular people rather than for oligarchs and government bureaucrats. The pension reform shook people’s faith in the government. The sociologists conclude that those in power are aware of this request for changes and will propose options.

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