40% of Russians support switch to four-day work week, poll says

Credit: Grigoriy Sysoev | RIAN

Russian citizens are ready to work more intensively in case a four-hour work week is introduced, according to a poll conducted by top Russian online job search website HeadHunter. Only 9% of Russians oppose a shorter work week, the survey revealed.

The poll, conducted among 9,000 people from 50 regions, showed that 40% of Russian citizens are willing to switch to a shorter working week and ready to work more productively. Another 30% said they are prepared to work longer hours for an additional day off, the Izvestiya newspaper reported. Meanwhile, only 4% of Russians said they are ready for a reduction in income for an extra day off.  

Among those who oppose the idea of a four-day work week are mostly companies’ general directors and owners, who fear financial losses. Most poll respondents say Friday would be the best option for an extra day off. Yet, some spoke in favor of Monday or even Wednesday. The largest number of those supporting a four-day working week are involved in resource-based industry companies, automobile business, and human resources sector, the poll said.     

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