Scientists in Kemerovo will create artificial blood vessels for the heart

Biomedical researchers in Kemerovo, southwest Siberia, have developed an innovative vascular graft that will be widely used in cardiovascular surgery.

Scientists from a heart and vascular diseases research institute have released a study presenting a so-called biodegradable vascular prosthesis – an artificial blood vessel that dissolves inside the human body within 2-4 years without doing any damage to the host.

The synthetic graft will have an antimicrobial and athrombogenic (that is, preventing blood clots that impede blood flow) coating. And it can grow when implanted in the body along with the growth of tissues around it.

The study was highly acclaimed, and the Russian Science Foundation provided the team with a grant of RUR 18 mio ($240K) for 2020–2022.

The team will use the funding to produce the announced vascular prosthesis; the project is going to revolutionize several areas of science including organic chemistry, tissue engineering, and a number of others.

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