Cost of mobile services to rise in Russia

The cost of mobile services in Russia may increase by 20% this year, according to one-fourth of Russian telecommunications companies. One-third of these companies believe that the price hike will be between 10% and 15%, TelecomDaily reports quoting its survey on the issue.

Some 38% respondents said that the mobile services will become 10% to 15% more expensive while 24% think that the growth will be around 20%. The majority of survey takers (84%) are certain that the cost of communications will increase. Only 13% said the prices will remain the same, Kommersant reports.

Representatives of telecommunications companies claim that it is difficult to predict the impact of the current crisis on the industry. However, it is becoming clear that the crisis will serve as the major factor pushing the prices up. In the past, the companies noted that such factors included the Yarovaya Law and the Sovereign Runet Law.

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