State companies to use gas for their fleets

Russian state-run companies must switch to gas-powered vehicles by 2024. This measure will affect all state-run companies with more than 50% state participation.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak issued a directive to convert fleets to gas-powered vehicles. Between 2019 and 2024, state companies must acquire gas-fueled vehicles and convert their existing vehicles to gas, RBC reports. This transition must happen simultaneously with the development of the gas station infrastructure in the regions. The transition will be beneficial to Gazprom and companies selling gas-powered cars. Which state-run companies will convert to gas has not been specified.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said that to improve the environment, vehicles must convert to gas. He believes this fuel is more reasonable than electricity used by electric cars.

Invest Foresight earlier reported that Russia produced a record amount of oil and gas. Over the ten months, the revenue from oil and gas exports amounted to $150 billion.

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