Swifts to demonstrate group and single aerobatics

The crews of the Swifts aerobatic team have started flying from Kubinka airfield west of Moscow to Magas airfield in Ingushetia Republic (in the south of Russia) to participate in celebrations dedicated to the 250th anniversary of Ingushetia voluntary joining Russia, Defense Ministry’s website reports. En route, the air group has to have one intermediate landing.

At the air show, Aerospace Forces pilots will demonstrate single, group, pair, and counter aerobatics on MiG-29 fighters. The flight program includes solo aerobatics in the afterburner mode of aircraft engines, performing a complex of aerobatics and rebuilding into various figures consisting of six crews. In particular, the pilots will show such types of formation as “star”, “envelope”, “pyramid”, “arrow”, will demonstrate the most spectacular elements of the program, including Nesterov’s group loops, synchronous “barrels”, “bell”, counter dissolution, “mirror” and many others. The flights will take place at altitudes between 200 and 2K meters at speeds of 300 to 750 km/h.

Training flights will take place on October 9, the air show is scheduled for October 10.

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