We have bought some time – PM

Meeting of the Presidium of the Government Coordination Council to control the incidence of novel coronavirus infection in Russia took place on Friday, website of the government reports.

As Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin stated, “Between 28 March and 1 June 2020, the work of all hotels, resorts, holiday centers and children’s recreation camps will be suspended. They are not to receive any new guests or accept bookings. The restrictive measures announced for the coming week by the authorities in Moscow and the Moscow Region should also be introduced in all the other regions of Russia.”

To prevent the virus from spreading, “We must take harsh and even prohibitive measures,” Prime Minister said. “We have bought some time by taking proactive measures to delay the spread of the coronavirus. And now we are implementing the most effective of the measures that have been taken in other countries. They include limiting entry to the country and placing restrictions on people’s mobility, as well as self-isolation.”

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