Stavropol Territory to get industrial-scale fruit and vegetable drying plant

A project has been launched in the Stavropol Territory that will become a new modern processing facility for the region. 

The facility will be producing dried fruit and vegetables which are very popular not only in home cooking but also in the food industry in general.

At home, dried fruit and vegetables can be used in baking, sweets and fruit drinks. As for commercial scale, they are used in meat, bread and sweets production.

The new facility will be based in the regional industrial park in Nevinnomysk where the foundation stone was laid during a ceremony attended by Stavropol Territory Governor Vladimir Vladimirov.

The ceremony was also attended by Olga Shevchenko, CEO of EkoDar, the company’s investor. The entire project’s worth is estimated at over RUR 100 mio ($1.3 mio).

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