Haval to localize its manufacturing in Russia

Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus and Russia’s Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov signed a special investment contract aimed at localization of Haval vehicles production in Russia and ensuring company’s long-term presence in the country. The local authorities welcomed the decision of the Great Wall Motor to expand its project, and expect Haval cars will be successful both in Russia and CIS.


Haval has become the first car manufacturer from China that made such a special investment contract with Russia and has undertaken major obligations to localize manufacturing of key components such as engines, electronics and gearboxes.

As an anchor resident of the industrial park in Tula Region, Haval has invested $500 mio in the project and intends to further invest in technologies and innovations. Its production facilities have been designed in line with sustainable development concept and employed best practices in environment protection and energy efficiency.

Currently, a year after the car production in Tula was launched, Haval has created about 1.1K new jobs and has manufactured 10K F7, F7x, H5 and H9 vehicles. It is expected at a further stage it will manufacture 150K cars a year. In two years’ time, Haval Motor Manufacturing Rus plans to launch in Tula a facility to manufacture engines which will meet 90% of the local demand and create 300 more jobs.

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