Mobile internet traffic to grow sevenfold

Analysts predict that the mobile internet traffic in Russia will grow almost sevenfold by 2024. In Moscow and St. Petersburg it will grow even faster because of the growing number of mobile apps.

This was said by Roman Shmakov, IT division vice president at Schneider Electric Russia & CIS. According to Shmakov, Moscow and St. Petersburg will have 35% of the entire mobile traffic in Russia by 2024. IP traffic is growing slower and will increase three times in five years.

“Earlier it grew due to an increased number of devices with internet access, and now due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). By 2020, there will be 20.8 bln devices connected to the internet worldwide. Forty percent of the IoT data will be processed and analyzed using edge computing, which will allow for responding urgently to any changes,” the expert said.

According to Shmakov, the entire volume of data used to be processed in one place, but then cloud technology appeared.

“Edge computing with data being processed at the location where it is needed was the next step. We did not abandon central hubs; the infrastructure has become more complex with several levels of interaction,” Shmakov explained, adding that approaches to the IT and engineering infrastructure are currently changing.

“Digitalization makes this infrastructure more efficient. There are new regulatory acts and corporate rules for the market,” Shmakov concluded.

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