Russians remember pension reform – sociologist

Russians are expecting high-profile corruption scandals and resignations in the government in 2020, representatives of the Levada Center pollster reports.

As many as 66% of respondents expect big scandals this year; 45% said they expect mass protests. However, fewer people expect a new economic crisis than several years ago: only 49%. Another 23% of Russians believe that Russia will enter a war with neighboring countries this year. At the same time, many Russians are optimistic: 63% say this year will be better than the previous one. However, 57% of the country’s residents expect tensions in the economy, Vedomosti reports.

Levada Center experts say Russians have adapted to difficulties, so they are rather positive about what is happening in the country. Meanwhile, they still have the emotional effect from the recent pension reform. They cited it as the main event of last year, while their attitude to it remained emphatically negative. People have not yet felt an economic blow from this reform, but their attitude to it is not becoming better for that.

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