Unmanned trains to run on Moscow Central Circle

Credit: Nataliya Seliverstova | RIAN

A test model of the Lastochka unmanned train will be launched on the Moscow Central Circle this summer. The train will have an embedded “machine vision” system that will be able to form a two-dimensional and even three-dimensional picture of the surrounding environment.

Trains will be equipped with cameras, radars and special lidars (active optical systems). On the roof of the Lastochka trains there will be infra-red cameras. All this equipment will be used to monitor the rails, according to the Moskva city news agency. The transition to unmanned operation will begin on the Moscow Central Circle in 2021. In the next two years, new test models will be developed and tested. Designers started working on them in 2018. Also by the end of the year, some 40 operating trains will be fitted out with additional ultrasound sensors that allow adjusting the position of the train when it stops at a platform down to 50 cm.

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